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Event Flooring - portable flooring - turf protection - access roadway systems

Event Flooring

Pink Fence Event flooring is the perfect choice for a variety of events and can be utilized on a multitude of different surfaces ranging from grass, sand, asphalt, Concrete etc...

It's design protects the natural grass below from excess abrasion and wear. At the same time allowing water, air and light to filter through to the grass below. Next time you have a special event or function that requires event flooring, give us a call and get expert advice from our specialised event management team.

Event Flooring is also known as: portable flooring - access roadway systems

Event flooring is available now for hire or sale.

We also specialise in: Mesh Fencing, Hoarding Fence, Temporary Pool Fencing, Prestige Fencing, Water Barriers, Crowd Control Barriers, Portable Toilets and much more…

This product is suitable for: Residential Hire, Commercial Hire & Civil Hire

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